Quick and dirty one-man projects, intended to get a feel for particular game mechanics and game loops. Warning, may contain gratuitus, ugly.... debug info.

General warning... protoypes may contain bugs ;)



Platform: Browser (HTML5)

Objective: This was one of many game types I went through while proposing an idea for a work for hire project. While this didn't make the cut, I quite liked the mechanics I experimented with. The idea was to come up with a puzzle game of sorts that allowed the user to grow, shrink and use the advantages and disadvantages of those states to overcome level obsticles. 

Mechanics: Platformer controls, Growing and shrinking, light physics

Left: Move left
Right: Move right
Up: Thrust upwards (spammable)

How to play: Navigate through the level and get to the green key!  

level elements: 

Fans: Roll over a fan to be blown into the air
Growers: Double your size! You are unable to thrust, interact with fans or fit through small holes
Shrinkers: Shrink down to half your size! Enables you to fit though small spaces and thrust higher
Normalisers: Return you to normal ;)
Red platform: Can only be destoyed when hit with a player that has been grown to double their size 
Bouncer: Catapaults you into the air 


Link to project



Totally Not Doodle Jump

Platform: Browser (HTML5)

Objective: Honestly speaking, Doodle Jump has claimed more of my life than it had any right to. I was curious to see how long it would take me to mock up my own version on the Construct 2 engine and thus this project was born. I have been attempting to come up with my own take on the game mode ever since, and maybe you'll soon see the fruits of my labour ;)

Mechanics: Infinite platform generation, collectables

How to play: Left and Right arrow keys to move. Collect as many coins as you can and don't miss the platform!

Link to project



Space Shooter

Platform: Browser (HTML5)

Objectives: This prototype was planned to be an extended game mode for a work for hire project. The main inspiration for this prototype was the old Nokia game, Space Impact. I wanted to experiment with a side scrolling shooter game that allowed for multiple weapon pickups and enemy attack patterns. Time permitting, this is a tried and true game type that I would love to develop further.

Mechanics: Shooting, Varying attack patterns, Powerups, Difficulty scaling, Score multipliers (combo points)

How to play: Click to move and shoot! Green ships buff your enemies and ships with a first aid icon heal them. Survive for as long as you can!

Link to project