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MMO players, let's just be nice to each other :D

It's another one of those posts where I randomly get an idea and run with it! The Secret World is out and I've had a lot of fun playing it, but I'll be honest, I've started to see little hints of what could turn out to be a sadly elitist community akin to many other MMOs.. which would be a shame. So I thought I would share my feelings on what makes a good MMO community and what I would like to see out of The Secret World.

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MMO Quests, what happened to ya?

There has been something that has been playing on my mind for a while now... in fact I dare say it has been something I have been thinking about ever since I stopped playing Runscape and moved on to more traditional MMO titles. What happened to the quests? Before I started playing MMORPGs I thought of quests as long, adventurous journeys; something that would have huge ramifications on the world stage, you know something a little like the Lord of The Rings! Truth be told I got that impression very early on from the quests I played in Runescape but that feeling died the second I started playing other games. Perhaps this is just my nostalgia speaking. Heck it's entirely possible that I'm looking at the entire subject through rose tinted glasses and all those quests I did back in Runescape just weren't all that, I mean Runescape was my first MMO after all.

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What a long, strange year it was :)

Hi guys! It's been a while hasn't it? 2011 is truly behind us and now we're near the end of the first month of 2012! Unfortunately the new year didn't mean much of a break for little ol' me because I'm a univeristy student burried in coursework... But I thought I'd just share some of the most memorable moments of 2011 with you all as well as share what I'm exited about coming up in the new year :D (Mind you this isn't in any particular order) :P

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I Like world maps. 

Another random post. I recently picked up on the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic has put up an interesting galaxy browser up on their for the purpose of interacting with the world map and hey, kinda reminded me of all those well done maps I've seen in the past!

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[GAME BLOG] Using the real world as your game's lore

The Secret world has piqued my interest for numerous reasons. It has become an amalgamation of my favorite genres: Conspiracy, Adventure and of course, powers! Another reason this is interesting to me is because it is set in the modern day. When it comes to MMORPGs I tend to dive head first into the lore, mainly to get a feel for the world and how my character matters, but also because there are some very good stories tucked away in there.

The Secret World's lore is everything we know right here, right now but in a setting where all the ground shaking and I suppose ridiculous conspiracies are true (I may have to write an entire blog post just about that actually). Such as there being a city on the moon, Atlantis being real, the earth being hollow and the moon being made of cheese! Ok maybe not the last one. I am a little concerned about the studio behind it though. Age of Conan had a lot of issues at launch and this was even after they delayed the title. However as human beings I'm sure they remember that mistake and have learned from it. They released a video about the game's lore exclusive to gamespot so check it out!