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Dark Ascent

I'm baaaack! With the perils of University nearly over I have been shoulder deep in work, and now I have been shortlisted for the Microsoft Windows Games Ambassador program and have been tasked with creating a game for Windows 8. Fun times!

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Hello world! It has been a while hasn't it! I swear I have a legitiamte reason for not updating this blog and it has absolutely nothing to do with playing the secret world every day.... seriously... ok fine that has a little to do with it, but also my manga is close to being published! I have been working closely with a friend of mine to redesign his website ( and in turn a minisite for my manga! ( Last night I was finally able to launch a six page preview of the manga so feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts :)


MMO players, let's just be nice to each other :D

It's another one of those posts where I randomly get an idea and run with it! The Secret World is out and I've had a lot of fun playing it, but I'll be honest, I've started to see little hints of what could turn out to be a sadly elitist community akin to many other MMOs.. which would be a shame. So I thought I would share my feelings on what makes a good MMO community and what I would like to see out of The Secret World.

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Freedom! Movies, Games, Mangas (DYSTOPIA) and the MCM Expo

So I'm back and blogging! So much has happened over the last few months from being free from university to watching some brilliant films to even getting a girlfriend! It's fair to say I honestly didn't see the latter coming... but now I'm able to carry on with the blog and there is some brilliant stuff on the horizon!

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Mini Post - Guild wars 2! Guild wars 2! Guild wars 2! :D

omg yaaaaaaaaaaay the Guild Wars 2 press embargo was lifted today! For all those who didn't know, Guild Wars 2 underwent a special closed beta for select members of the press. The only catch was they were under an embargo which meant they were not aloud to talk about it until today... but it's today now so the flood gates opened!

I thought I'd just point out a few in depth reviews of the game that crossed my radar:

The editor in chief of the MMO news site's Shawn Schuster is a completely shameless Guild Wars fan so he, as well as another of the site's writers posted their highly favourable impressions of the game in the form of a write up, which can be found here. They also included a nice round up video at the end.

However, while their review was very informative I also wanted to hear something from the point of view of a less overt fan and so I found Kotaku's review of the game equally as informative, but refreshing as he was unafraid to talk about the few performance issues he experienced. You can find that review over here.

But perhaps you want less words and more footage! Well Cynical Brit and Blue Xephos have you covered!

Cynical Brit has released a single video so far in the form of a fairly in depth demonstration of the Mesmer class's skills. Totalbiscuist has openly confessed his interest in this game and actually intends to do a lot more videos and cover Guild Wars 2 as much as he covered World of Warcraft: Cataclysm so if he delivers, he's definintely someone you'd want to subscribe to. You can find that video here.

BlueXephos over at The Yogscast has released a series of videos from the perspective of two Norn characters playing together and is essentially an unedited, authentic play through video which you can find over here.

When you've picked up the pieces of your mind that have been utterly blown, feel free to look forward to Guild Wars 2 half as much as I am! 

Peace out!